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Environment & Sustainability

Austrans is committed to environmental stewardship, reducing waste through innovating work practices, embracing recycling technologies, and adopting cleaner fuels.

Environment & Sustainability

Reducing Our Footprint

We aim to reduce our impact on neighbouring communities and ensure that our suppliers follow acceptable environmental policies.

Our commitment extends to educating our employees, imploring them to follow environmental policies and procedures at all times, whether on the road or in the workplace.

Environmental stewardship ensures our workers are kept safe from immediate dangers such as potentially hazardous materials and helps create a cleaner, greener future.

We recognise our moral and legal responsibility to ensure that our activities, products and services are designed to protect and enhance the environment in the communities in which we operate. We take our obligations seriously to ensure that our operations do not place the natural environment or the local community at risk of harm.

Fuel Efficient Rail Service

Since 1986, Austrans has embraced fuel-efficient rail as an extension of our heavy vehicle fleet, with interstate freight rail an integral part of our intermodal service offerings. Alongside cost efficiencies, the utilisation of rail helps to offset the carbon footprint of our nationwide container service.

Austrans has led the Australian logistics field to develop better on-ground practices in rail freight. As new technologies become available, our innovative and progressive route managers will consider all improvements to the transport industry, including hybrid vehicles and solar energy support.

Driving Sustainability

At Austrans, we consider every route we take to deliver your freight. From road works to traffic conditions, it is crucial to constantly assess the map of each journey and consider how it impacts the neighbouring communities in those areas. Our drivers are educated in fuel-efficient and energy sustainable practices and urged to consider their global footprint at all times.

We equip our fleet with smart technology to adapt to modern environmental standards to support better outcomes. Our fleet features vehicles with next-level aerodynamics and low-rolling resistance on our tyres. We have also embraced different forms of fuel, including investment in newer energy-efficient fuel blends and biodiesel blends where possible.